Power  Racing in real conditions.



Become a Super Gregario !

Start the Power Racing competition series, which can be entered by everybody who has a power meter on their bike and who can go riding outside!


The road races of either one or three hours long are on Saturdays and Sundays, the time trials of various durations are on Wednesdays.

Become a Super Gregario by racing the Power Racing 2020 calendar. Make it to the Platinum level and you get
1) a Super Gregario cycling jersey 2) a free entry to the ultimate power meter challenge - The Diamond Classic.


Create an account and choose your Super Gregario's name. If you don't want to reveal your identity to other racers, its fine for us too.


We will ask your weight, weigh yourself in the morning before breakfast and make sure there is always a correct weight on your account.


After paying the starting fee, "the Roadbook" explaining all the details of the race you entered can be opened. The first race is for free, single events afterwards 8€ & you can register for the whole season with its 78 race days for 128€ too! We have classifications for the winner of the race, best climber, best sprinter. You can see also your classification in your age group.

One lucky finisher of each event wins the whole pot of the prize money. The total prize fund depends on the amount of paid registrations to each event. For more details check Rules & make sure you study the Roadbook before each race!



On the race day you go out to the ride following the instructions in the Roadbook. You will have time to warm up. Make sure your powermeter works and push start at the place you decide to be the KM 0. Push stop on your bike computer after the given time of the race. Back home, upload your .fit file from your cycling computer to the Super Gregario's account.


The results will be validated the day after the race at 5pm UK time and after that you can't upload your race file anymore. Our program does the magic and uses the power data from the efforts we asked you to do. For calculating the climbers classification, we use average w/kg. For the sprinters classification the  pure average power numbers from the sprint efforts are used and for calculating the winner of the race we have a special formula with a combination of w/kg and pure avg numbers from the whole ride and separate efforts.


All finishers of a race get a Super Gregario star. Accumulating stars makes you go through Bronze (4 stars), Silver (8 stars), Gold (12 stars), up to the Platinum level (20 stars). Achieving a new level, Super Gregario gets to race the next event for free. Reaching the Platinum level, you will win the Super Gregario Platinum jersey. The season ends on the 11th of October 2020.


On the 17th of October, The Diamond Classic will take place. It's a one day power meter race in real conditions for Super Gregario's Platinum level riders only ! There will be many prizes to win & only the TOP 10 men & women from each age group (-23, -30, -40, -50, 50+) reach the Super Gregario's Diamond level.

"Super Gregario is like a game where you must plan your ride and make your tactics before the race, it's not about pushing the maximum out of yourself the whole ride. Like in the real race, the hard moments count more and overall general AVG power a bit less."
Rene Mandri
Cycling coach & ex professional rider
Gregario OÜ Paruni 43, 61714, Tartu, Estonia +37253029898