#6 Super Gregario

Rank Name Year of birth Gender Country Race AVG Points
1 Antti-Jussi Juntunen 1999 Male 269.83 26.98
Manner 1984 Male DNS
Karmen Reinpõld 1981 Female DNS
Risto Reinpõld 1980 Male DNS
Pauls Rubenis 2001 Male DNS
Ukko Peltonen 1998 Male DNS
Gleb Karpenko 2001 Male DNS
Kristers Ansons 1999 Male DNS
Markus Pajur 2000 Male DNS
Rait Ärm 2000 Male DNS
Artjom Mirzojev 2001 Male DNS
Antosha7 2001 Male DNS
martyyn 1985 Male DNS
Henri_Treimuth 2001 Male DNS
Jeekim 1986 Male DNS
Hannes Kirs 1979 Male DNS

Tulemuse detailne info

"Super Gregario is like a game where you must plan your ride and make your tactics before the race, it's not about pushing the maximum out of yourself the whole ride. Like in the real race, the hard moments count more and overall general AVG power a bit less."
Rene Mandri
Cycling coach & ex professional rider
Gregario OÜ Paruni 43, 61714, Tartu, Estonia +37253029898