The races can be entered by all men & women aged 18 or older, who have a powermeter on their bike.

Starting time & Place
It is important that you race on the days given in the Roadbook, but you will choose the place and the exact time of your start by yourself. The road races can be done on Saturdays and Sundays, the timetrials on Wednesdays. You can ride to KM 0 as long as you wish. It is important to get out from the areas with many crossings, traffic lights and heavy circulation.

Powermeter .fit file
You will have to start your race file at KM O by pushing start on your cycling computer. After the given time of the race, you push stop on your cycling computer and save the training file. Back at home, you will upload your .fit file to your Super Gregario's account. At first, save the file to your laptop or computer and then upload to your Super Gregario's account by the latest next day at UK time. Like that all people all over the world can send us their files. You can use the automatic upload from your cycling computer via mobile app into some platform like Garmin Connect and export the .fit file from there to your computer. After that you can upload it to your Super Gregario's account. Check for more information from the Help Center if needed.

Powermeter .fit file
You will see your power data from all of your efforts under the results after uploading your .fit file! You can compare your power data with the power data of the other participants! Like that you will understand your limits and you can try to do better next time!

Extreme weather protocol
You can do your ride on the hometrainer or rollers. The most important is to ride the required time and perform the efforts in the right order.

Slipstreaming the race vehicle back to the convoy
During the road race, a puncture and stopping in the feedzone once is tolerated. In case of a puncture your cycling computer can be autostopped once for 10 minutes and in the feedzone once for 2 minutes. Stopping during the TT is not allowed. Temporary slow downs and stops are tolerated in the case of crossings and traffic lights, Super Gregario has to follow the road code.

We ask you about your weight during the account registration. We need it for calculating the results. Super Gregario is an honest rider and lying about your exact weight is not an option. You can always update your weight.

The results will be calculated the day (RR-Monday or TT-Thursday) after the race UK time. The Super Gregario stars will be awarded if you finished the ride and uploaded your .fit file correctly. The most important is to follow the order of the efforts and ride at least the length needed or a bit more, not less. You will be marked DNF if you didn't follow the order of the efforts or you stopped for too long during the ride or you did 59 minutes instead of 1h. All results will be published on

The calculation formula:

1) We use a coefficient depending on the importance of the effort and multiply the AVG power of that effort with the coefficient. For example the whole race's coefficient is always 10%, so AVG 280w X 0.1= 28 points

2) Only exeption is climb sections, the results are based there on your power to weight ratio and we use nominal weight of 70kg to get a equal value of points with other efforts. For example finishing climb is always 20% of importance and a rider with 65kg does 400W :  (400/65) X 70 = 430,5w     430,5 X 0,2= 86,1 points

3) Finally the sum of all efforts will decide the final score.  The sum of climb efforts count for climbers classification and the sum of sprint efforts count for sprinters classification.

Coefficients:  0,2 - finishing climb

                      0,15 - I cat. climb

                       0,1 - whole ride, crosswind section, finishing sprint, solo attack up to the finish line

                      0,05 - Intermediate sprint & all other efforts on the flat.

Prize money
We add 1€ from each starting fee received during the registration process to the event's prize money pot. If you have bought the season entry, we put 16€ to the prize money pot of the Diamond Classic instead of putting 1€ to the race's in question prize money pot. One lucky finisher of each event will win the prize money.  

Gragerio OÜ team member will pick a number by hazard from a box on each Monday for the past RR & TT. In the box there are as many numbers as there were finishers. Finishing means that you uploaded a correct .fit file to your account and the data in it corresponded to the explanations given in the roadbook of this particular event.  The number will correspond to a placing in the results. The rider with that place wins the pot.

The winner will be contacted after UK time via e-mail on Monday in 24h.  Like that all finishers get a chance to win prize money, not only the strongest ones. We transfer the prize money only if the winner of the prize money has told us his/hers correct weight (-2% is tolerated). Prize money is paid out via bank transfer. We ask you to fill in & sign a prize money transfer form at first. The amount will be paid out minus taxes in accordance with Estonian tax laws.

The winner of the pot has to prove us his/hers weight by sending us a videoclip of him/her on the scales. We get in touch via e-mail with the winner and ask for the video straight after the final publication of the results. The video most be sent to us the latest 24h after recieving the results of the draw. If the pot is bigger than 1000€ worth, we might send our judge to control your weight in 48h instead of asking for the video. While controlling your weight in the early morning, +2% from your marked weight is tolerated, not more. Your weight must be taken in the morning before breakfast.

Super Gregario levels
After finishing a race, the rider is awarded with a star. Accumulating 4 stars, the rider reaches the  Bronze level. Accumulating 8 stars, the rider reaches the Silver level and after finishing 12 races, the Golden level is reached. Each level gives you automaticaly a free entry into the next desired race!

After accumulation of 20 stars, the rider reaches the Platinum level and is awarded with the Super Gregario's Platinum level jersey !  There are 90 races in total in the Super Gregario's 2020 summer calendar with 78 possible race days and the 2020 summer season finishes on the weekend of the 10-11 October 2020, there is plenty of time to reach the Platinum level! 
All Platinum level riders are invited to the Diamond Classic on the 17 of October. The best of the Diamond Classic reach Super Gregario’s Diamond level.

While racing the Super Gregario Calendar, the rider acknowledges that the race organizer takes no responsibility if anything happens to the rider during the race. The rider takes care that he/she follows the traffic code and only he/she is responsible if anything happens to him/her or if he/she causes a problem to a third party during the race. The rider also makes sure that he/she is fit enough to take part in the race. A helmet must be used while riding the bicycle. Check for more information from the Privacy & Terms of Use.

Starting fee
After the payment of the 8€ starting fee, the participant will get a Roadbook, it can be seen under the Super Gregario's account. In any case, the starting fee is not reimbursable. The first race will be for free as are the 5th, 9th and the 13th race after climbing the Super Gregario's levels! It’s possible to buy the entry for the whole calendar for 128€ (78 race days).

You can choose the roads you are racing on. You just have to follow the order of the efforts given later in the roadbook. If you don't follow the exact order of the given efforts, it means that you got lost from the course and will be marked as DNF in the final results. It's not about the gradient of the roads you will take during your ride, it's about pacing your efforts in the manner that you could win the race or a distinctive jersey (climber's, sprinter's). Super Gregario rides always at the front of the field leading the way. Read carefully the Roadbook for more info about your race!

"Super Gregario is like a game where you must plan your ride and make your tactics before the race, it's not about pushing the maximum out of yourself the whole ride. Like in the real race, the hard moments count more and overall general AVG power a bit less."
Rene Mandri
Cycling coach & ex professional rider
Gregario OÜ Paruni 43, 61714, Tartu, Estonia +37253029898